“The Other Half”

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For three decades or more, video games have been the most widespread form of entertainment in the world.
— Leigh Alexander

The British government recently launched a "Gender Pay Gap database". According to the data provided by studios with 250 or more employees, 69% of large UK game firms have a bigger gender pay gap than a national average. And yet that is one of the smallest problems women are facing in Gaming Industry.

Thanks to organizations like “Women in Games” these problems are addressed to get more attentions now, but there is still a long way toward an equal industry.

“The Other Half” explores two sides of women in Gaming:

  1. Women representation in Video games

    Women representation in video games has many aspects. On one side, some video game designers and artists tend to represent

    female characters overly sexualized as a selling point. A very famous example is “Ivy”, a character from Soul Calibur, starting from

    a female character with no exaggerated sexuality in Soul Blade, and becoming one of the most sexualized protagonists in the

    industry. On the other hand, there are video games that aim to introduce female characters without exaggerated sexuality but

    nevertheless face much criticism (Tomb Raider, Battlefield, and Dishonored)

  2. Women involvement in the industry

    As the industry moves forward, the majority of male workers become bolder, to the point that many people refer to the video

    game industry as a “male-dominated” industry.

“The other half” focuses on women working in the gaming industry. We want to use the camera as a tool to hear what women have to say

without assigning any specific directions. We want to hear women’s voices regarding their roles, work conditions, experiences, and desires for

the future development of the industry. Then at a later stage of the documentary, we want to find answers on relevant questions and engage

decision makers to explore possible ways to fill the gap as much as possible.

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Who are we interviewing?

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